Test Tube Handling Tips 

n   Adjust the chair properly before you start work so it provides adequate back support. Remove the chair arms if they interfere with the ability to get close to your work. Sit back in the chair for lumbar support.

n   Arrange tubes to minimize reaching and twisting by placing them as close as possible to you. 

n   Use container to raise test tube racks when necessary.

n   Use both hands to open and close test tubes.

n   Use cap removers to minimize pinch grip.

Use a vortexer mixer rack instead of holding tubes by hand


Test Tube Handling Tips 

n   Avoid resting arms on the sharp edges of the workstation or lab bench.  

n   Remove drawers, supplies, refrigerators from under the cabinet or hood to provide leg room.

n   If you must stand to work at the hood or cabinet alternate between feet, wear low-heeled shoes with good cushioning or use anti-fatigue floor mats.

n   Take short breaks to relieve forearm and wrist pressure.

n   Maintain straight wrists and keep elbows close to the body.











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