Microscopy Risk Factors 

n   Awkward and static posture of the lower back

n   Wrist and palm contact pressure in the carpal tunnel area

n   High repetition

n   Eye strain and fatigue

n   Awkward and static posture of the neck and head

Microscopy Tips 

n   Use a fully adjustable ergo-task chair or stool with built-in solid foot rest. Adjust the chair to fit you properly.

n   For prolonged standing alternate between feet, wear low-heeled shoes with good cushioning or use anti-fatigue floor mats.

n   Pull the microscope to the front edge of the work surface for upright posture and elevate if needed.

n   Adjust the eyepieces and angle of observation to prevent neck strain. Use adjustable microscope stands.

n   Provide armrests to support forearms during knob adjustments.











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