Benefits of NABL Accreditation vs certification Process of NABL 
Consultants in Chennai NCs in Biochem Lab Terms used in accredited lab




  • Assurance to clients of Good Laboratory Practice
  • Saves resources by getting results right first time.  
  • Public and industry acceptance  
  • Decision makers can rely on test / calibration results  
  • Ensure better support in the eventuality of legal consequence 
  • Provides formal recognition to competent laboratories and ensures  that they perform their work in accordance with international standard 
  • Minimizes the risk of unreliable results. 
  • Minimizes the chances of retesting and hence reduces chances of additional financial burden and time delays. 
  • Enhances Customer confidence and Satisfaction. 
  • International acceptability of test results. Based on Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRA). 


            why use of accredited lab        The advantage of being accredited







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